Here are our most frequently asked questions with video answers:

What is an autopsy?


An autopsy is an examination of the body of someone who has died. Much like surgery, autopsies can be tailored to answer many questions. The process can range from a single focused biopsy of a specific tissue to the complete examination of essentially all organs and tissues, and even the removal of medical devices for evaluation.

Why should I consider having an autopsy performed?


There are many reasons to request an autopsy. An autopsy is primarily performed to help identify why someone has died. Even when the cause of death is known, having an autopsy performed can help families better understand the death from a detailed medical perspective. This procedure can also help answer questions unrelated to the cause of death that the family or loved ones may have, such as the effectiveness of therapy or the extent of the involvement of a disease or tumor in a death.

Will having an autopsy performed interfere with
funeral arrangements?


At UF Health Autopsy Services, we are extremely careful in how we perform our examinations. We place the concerns of the family first and foremost in our procedures. Our experts perform examinations in such a way that families do not need to alter any funeral proceedings, viewings or visitations.

We work very closely with funeral homes to ensure that our examinations will not interfere with families’ plans for viewings or memorial services.

How long does it take to complete an autopsy?


It can take up to four hours to complete an autopsy, depending on the clinical questions and the complexity of the affecting diseases. We generally perform an autopsy within one business day of receiving a request, Monday through Friday. Immediately following the autopsy, we work closely with the family’s chosen funeral home to ensure quick and seamless integration of services.

What is unique about autopsies performed at
UF Health Autopsy Services?


My colleagues and I work closely with UF Health Pathology Laboratories to provide clients with the highest quality diagnostic services available. Not only do we employ a state-of-the-art autopsy facility with advanced imaging capabilities, we also have access to a tremendous number of medical and pathology experts across all medical sub-specialties.

What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?


At UF Health Autopsy Services, one of our primary goals is to ensure that each of our clients gets the most accurate and detailed autopsy analysis as possible, while providing unmatched customer service. If you have an autopsy-related question that is not answered here, I invite you to call us toll-free at 855.UF.EXAMS to speak with one of our representatives about your specific needs and questions.